30  years of Pixsys, 30 years of us!

1990 -2020 How we got to where we are.

Here we are today, just like 30 years ago.

We are Romano Giacomini and Giulio Buffa,  the founder partners:two collegues who, in 1990 shared the dream, with great enthusiasm, to become entrepreneurs.
With our trade and calling we were always looking ahead, but today grant us a small exeption. Only for a moment we want the satisfaction of stopping and looking back with a touch of pride. Because 30 years later we're still here,side by side, and that dream is now reality:our reality is Pixsys.
A business project developed over a cup of coffee.

The 'self made culture'

- «And if we broke out alone, to bring new ideas, our ideas? What do you think? Why not?»
- «Indeed why not?»

It was Romano who made the proposal, sitting in front of a coffee. Giulio enthusiastically agreed .
We were 28 years old with good aquired knowledge of electronic component distribution and the right business spirit too. This spirit characterized the tightly woven North East Italian companies originating in the 1960s. Their self-made culture was 'pulling up their sleeves' and getting down to work in an attemp to make a name for themselves.

The essence of made in Pixsys.

After that first coffee many others followed over the  years. The ones needed to stay awake working to meet deadlines, those to celebrate the first achievements and those to cheer us up when things weren't going as we thought. We learnt from our success and inevitable mistakes on the way .
We began supplying our technological system and instruments and then we took another direction guided by the idea we believed in: rather than follow the market trend,we decided to learn to anticipate changes .
We needed to accomplish original, new solutions before becoming the normal standard. This brought us to gamble and invest in a complete range, developed and produced internally in order to market our brand name – Pixsys. Beginning with temperature regulators we extended and altered our catalogue, so arriving to cover the different areas of technology tools for industry. Our products distinguish themselves for versatility, possibility to personalize, efficiency and reliability: - The essence of made in Pixsys.

Wings at the ready and solid roots.

In 30 years, not only has our catalogue been extended,but we have also enlarged our company team and progressively extended our commercial network and distribution. Today Pixsys's products are sold and used in over 50 countries, rendered possible by helpful reliable partners and valuable feedback from customers who we can't thank enough.
Our “Wings at the ready” so we can go far,but also maintaining our solid roots, and key passages of production chain: supply selection, production, research and development and finally after-sales assistace. It's fundamental for us to rely on our highly qualified professionals in order to see Pixsys reflected in how we are – Romano and Giulio. Two workmates who, 30years ago shared coffee and a dream. Now we can finally say it : We did it!Despite the complex moment the whole world is living just now, we are still motivated with the same determination in facing difficulties together with the same  desire to welcome new opportunities.

But there again, an enterprise has always been a venture !