Programming software for ATR/DRR/TCT/STR551 series


This software tool is conceived for the programming and monitoring of Pixsys controllers series ATR/DRR.
Labsoftview allows to program the parameters and setpoint values on Pixsys controllers. A monitoring function is included and it is particularly useful during set-up and test stages, allowing graphic visualization of  process and setpoint trends to simplify calibration of the control algorithm.
The software is available within Download area (after Registration). A dedicated Memory Card with USB connection is available or alternatively it is also possible to communicate with the software via RS485. 


Supported devices: ATR121-ATR141-ATR142-ATR131-ATR236-ATR227-ATR243-ATR171-ATR401-DRR227-DRR245-DRR450-DRR460-TCT101-TCT201-STR551-ATR421-ATR621

<p>Setting of parameters Pixsys srl</p>

Setting of parameters

<p>Graphic of PV/SPV</p>

Monitoring of PV/SPV

Ordering codes

Memory card with battery + USB cable (121-141-142-171-236-243-401-245-TCT)

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

Manuale - User Manual Labsoftview 2300.10.095-RevA