Fixed infrared temperature sensor with remote sensing head


  • <p>Pyromini miniature sensing head optional Touch-screen</p>

The PyroMini Series is a range of miniature non-contact infrared temperature sensors with separate electronics modules.
All models have an adjustable emissivity setting and are capable of measuring a wide variety of target materials, including food, paper, textiles, plastics, leather, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, rubber, coal and asphalt.
The optional touch screen interface provides temperature indication, alarms, sensor configuration and data logging to MicroSD Card.
The optional high-temperature sensing head may be used in ambient temperatures of up to 180°C without cooling.
The low-noise cable on high ambient temperature models is resistant to interference from movement, so it is ideal for mounting on moving objects such as robot arms.
A choice of optics are available to measure small or large targets at short or long distances, and there is a choice of 4-20 mA, RS485 Modbus and alarm relay outputs.

Main features

Measuring ranges
(L) -20..100 °C; (M) 0..250 °C ; (H) O..500°C, CT configurable up 1000 °C
Emissivity setting
Adjustable via rotary switch or touch-screen
Optical resolution
2:1 - 15:1 - 30:1
± 1% of reading or ± 1 °C whichever is greater
Response time
240 ms (90% response)
Spectral range
8 to 14 µm
Power supply
24 V DC ± 5 %
1 m, two wires plus shield
Operating temperature
0..60 °C, optional sensing head up to 180 °C (no cooling required)
4..20 mA or RS485
Touchscreen (optional)
2.83", resistive TFT, 320x420 pixel Configuration of sensor, temperature visualization, graph view.
Optional via touchscreen, slot for MicroSD Card 2Gb (not included) 28.4 milion readings, .CSV format

Ordering codes

PM-MA-151-CT-CRT spot 15:1 out 4..20mA / -40..1000 °C Touchscreen
PM-MA-151-HT-CB spot 15:1 out 4..20mA / 500°C
PM-MA-151-XT-CB spot 15: out 4..20mA / 0..1000°C
PM-MA-301-HT-CB spot 30:1 out 4..20mA / 0..500°C
PM-MA-301-XT-CB spot 30:1 out 4..20mA / 0..1000°C

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