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MyPixsys is the new Companion app Pixsys® Electronics designed to simplify and optimize the interaction with our devices.

The purpose of the application is to read, set and backup all parameters which are stored into the internal memory of Pixsys devices.

Supported by ANDROID smartphones with NFC connection, according to ISO 15693 (nfc-v) technology, available for android 4.2 or greater.

MyPixsys will automatically identify the device and visualize the parameters/values which regulate functioning.

This App allows to communicate quickly with our devices directly from your smartphone, without using a specific equipment.

It is also possible to store configuration files and send them to our post sales support.

How to download the application

The official version of this App is available on Google PlayStore, search: MyPixsys

Supported products

2000.35.10-2000.35.15 ( RTD - Thermocouple Converter RFid (NFC) )

2000.35.016/017 (DIN rail mounted signal converter - RFid / NFC) 

STR551-12ABC-T128R (Double setpoint indicator 96x48 RFid)

STR561-12ABC-T128R (Double setpoint cell indicator 96x48 RFid)

STR571-1ABC-T128R (Modbus Remote Display 96x48 RFid)

ATR244 (Controller triple setpoint 48x48)

DST400 (Pressure transmitter with display)


User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

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