Extrusion Kit

Control system for extruders up to 8 zones


  • <p>Sistema di controllo estrusori</p>

The Pixsys Extrusion Kit is designed to monitor and control extruders, with a maximum number of 8 zones. The application has been developed for the HMI panel mod. TD710, and for the DRR450 controller via the RS485 connection with RTU Modbus communication protocol.
The app's graph can configured in the number of zones to show and their layout. This allows for a quick and intuitive representation of the operating data such as process, setpoint values, current instantly absorbed for each individual zone, the program selected and alerts for alarm events via pop-up messages.
The program also allows the creation and selection of programs with dedicated pages, and the exportation and importation of programs via USB key or ethernet connection.

The dedicated pages show active alarms and the alarm history as well as the parameter settings of the thermoregulators, the Tune function start, the self-addressing of the Modbus nodes in the network. The graphic settings can be modified in dedicated password-protected areas.
Via ethernet connection and use of the VNC viewer software it is possible control the entire system remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

<p>Main synoptic page</p>

Main synoptic page

<p>Program set-up page</p>

Program set-up page

<p>Alarms page</p>

Alarms page

<p>Data-logger set up page</p>

Data-logger set up page