Development environment for Pixsys PLC, HMI and Panel PC


  • <p>LogicLab</p>


Development environment for the programming of  PLC logics. In compliance with IEC 61131-3 standards, it allows choice of  5 programming languages: Instruction list, Structured text, Function blocks diagram, Ladder diagram, Sequential Function chart.

Supported devices: TD410, TD710, TD810, TD820, TD750, TD850, TD860, TD900, TD910, PLC series PL500.

Function libraries of LogicLab integrate counters, timers, mathematical operations, rescale, PID functions, datalogger, recipes, alarms, functions for files on PLC memory.

Transfer between LogicLab and PLC devices is completed via Ethernet connection and standard cable.  

Code debug is possible without connected PLC (simulation on PC)  and allows to visualize active logics and real-time value of variables.  

LogicLab software is available for free download within "DOWNLOAD AREA