Advanced PID Controllers - Blue Line

The "Blue Line" range of PID controllers stands out as one of the most versatile in this product segment, both in terms of hardware features and software functionality.
Parameter programming with NFC/RFID technology is inspired by criteria of simplifying and speeding up set-up and start-up operations for the user, while  becoming also an after-sales technical support tool thanks to configuration file sharing options.

The range of selectable options for both sensor input and control/alarm outputs, as well as the extended range switching power supply, make the ATR Blue Line range very flexible and suitable for the most diverse application contexts.

The high-performance display ensures excellent readability and enhances usable information for the operator.

For applications in industrial networks, RS485/ModbusRTU serial communication is available , which also enables remote monitoring in conjunction with the Pixsys  IIoT Modem CNV580.