Movicon 11.6 | Scada/HMI development environment

Movicon 11 is a scalable and flexible Scada/HMI platform based on XML standards and enables the development of applications on both WinCE HMI operator panels , and supervisory projects on Windows x86 architectures.

As  programming tool for the graphic interface of Pixsys HMI range, Movicon offers the advantage of powerful SVG- based vectorial graphics plus extensive libraries of customizable symbols and graphical objects.

A wide native library of communication drivers is included, allowing Pixsys HMIs to interface with PLCs of popular brands. The OPC-UA standard is also supported.

Interaction between Movicon and Pixsys PLCs based on LogicLab and Codesys environments is optimized with the import of PLC variables directly from the relevant programming environment.

It is also possible to create custom logic using editable scripts in VBA, VB.Net and Instruction List (AWL).

The graphical appearance of the Editor, inspired by criteria of usability and ergonomics, allows wide margins of customization according to the user's preferences.