Single loop PID controller 

CANopen or Modbus fieldbus



DRR460 is a flexible, powerful and yet compact PID controller targeting multi-zone applications.
Analogue input is free programmable for temperature sensors including PT100 and thermocouples, as well as for process signals in mA/Volt. Current transformer input ensures monitoring of current.
Two logic outputs are conceived for SSR control with heating/cooling PID and/or alarm purpose. One analogue output is also available for command or retransmission of process or setpoint.
Extensive software features include Soft-start and Open-Close logic for valves.
Serial communication relies either on ModbusRTU or CANOpen protocols.

Application fields include plastic extrusion, injection molding, packaging, furnaces, dryers, textile machineries and generally multi-zone heat treatment systems.

Ordering codes

1 analogue input + 2 SSR OUT + 1 mA OUT + RS485 + C.T.
1 analogue input + 2 SSR OUT + 1 mA OUT + CAN + C.T.

Main features

DIN43880, 18 X 90 X 64 mm
Power supply
24 VDC ± 15% - galvanical isolation 4000V
Power consumption
Operating conditions
Temperature 0-45 ℃, Humidity 35..95 RH%
Box: Noryl UL94V1 self-extinguishing, front panel: PC ABS UL94V0 self-extinguishing
Approx. 30 g
IP65 (front panel), IP20 (box and terminal blocks)
Quick set-up options
Memory Card with / without battery, software LABSOFTVIEW, or EASY-UP codes


1 Configurable
Res. 16 bit, selectable for TC type K, S, R, J, T, E, N, B (automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50°C, ±0,2% F.S. ±1 digit F.S.), thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K (β 3435K), process signals 0..10 V (23000 points), 0/4..20mA (26000 points), 0..60 mV (24000 points), potentiometer 1..150 KΩ (50000 points)
Sampling time
100 ms (10 Hz)
1 Current Transformer (T.A.) input
C.T. 50 mAac, 50/60Hz - 100 μs - 4096 points


2 Digital
PNP 24 VDC - 50 mA max
1 Analogue
0/4..20 mA (34000 points ± 0,2% F.S.) for command or retransmission PV/SPV
Serial communication
RS485 Modbus RTU Slave (4800..115200Baud) - CANopen slave (50K..1Mb/s)


Control algorithms
ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time proportioned
Manual or automatic
Alarm modes
Absolute / Threshold, Band, High / Low deviation. Alarm with optional manual reset. Heater Break Alarm function
Auto / Manual function
Output percentage command also with automatic change in case of sensor failure
Double P.I.D.
Heating / Cooling P.I.D.
Rising gradient expressed as Degrees / Hour or fixed output percentage
Open / Close logic
Open / Close logic for motorized valves

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

DRR460 manual - MODBUS version
English - Italian
DRR460 manual - CAN version
English - Italian
DRR460 EDS Files
EDS Files (.eds)


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