ULC2 Series

Dynamic load cell
200Kg F.S.


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The ULC2 high dynamicity load cell is designed to detect force/tension typically in applications with cylinders. In its different configurations, it can also be used for measurements on cantilever beams, platforms, or traction compression control applications.

The ULC2 is unique thanks to its high precision, speed, and repeat measurement function.

In the dynamic applications on cylinders, thanks to the use of our electronic PID controls, speeds of 100m/min have been reached with constant tension on belts, plastic films and fabrics.
The jaw system for rapid cylinder/bearing extraction is available with a wide range of accessories for a highly flexible modular construction.

1000Kg F.S. version available with grey/red anodized aluminium or stainless steel body, 2m isolated cable in PUR, with electrical connection markings.

Ordering codes

ULC2 cell unit - 200Kg F.S. accuracy 0,2%
Clamp support for oscillating bearing 22205
Adapter flange - for quick fixing and regulation
Adapter plate M40x1,5mm centraggio 50mm
Rear cover 50mm

Main features

Nominal charge
200Kg F. S.
Nominal sensitivity to the F.S.
2 mV / Volt
Nominal power-supply tension
10 Vdc
Nominal resistance
350 ohm
Output cable
PUR 4 wires + shielded 2 mt

Technical details

Total error
< +/- 0,2% FS
Tolerance on sensitivity
< +/- 0,1% FS
Zero unbalancement
< +/- 0,5% FS
Temperature influence on the zero
< 0,01% FS / °C
Temperature influence on F.S.
< 0,02% FS / °C
Insulation resistance
>10 Gohm
Compensated temperature field
Max. applicable load
150% F.S.
Max. lateral load
100% F.S.


<p>Size and installation of dynamic load cells</p>

Size and installation