Signal repeater/ Serial isolator RS485


  • <p>Signal repeater / Serial isolator NET485</p>

NET485 is conceived as a repeater to amplify signal on RSS485 networks allowing to increase distances, providing also galvanic isolation to prevent possible ground loops with power supply. 

Possible applications include extension of network nodes and the distance among them, galvanic isolation to prevent electric noises related to sparks or electrostatic charges .

Its compact and DIN-rail mounted housing beside 24Vdc supply make NET485 the solution for any isolation issue of devices with non-isolated serial port RS485 like frequency inverters, sensors, PLCs. 


Ordering codes

RS485 >RS485

Technical data

DIN43880, 1 module, DIN rail mounted
Power supply
24 VDC ±15% 50/60 Hz or by USB
Power consumption
1 W
3 Terminal blocks, 3 poles - 3,81-pitch
Operating conditions
Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35..95 uR%
Polycharbonate self-exstinguishing
approx 100 g
Din Rail EN50022
Galvanic isolation
3-way (network branches, power supply)
Termination resistors
Internal, 330 ohm, on input and output channel


<p>Dimensioni e installazione del ripetitore isolatore  Pixsys srl </p>

Dimensions and installation