Adapters and Cover plates

Adapters are useful when replacing an existing instrument with one of a different format, avoiding the need to adapt the panel cut-out.

They are available for the most common DIN measurement standards and for other popular formats (like 32x74mm)

Cover plates allow to cover holes that are no longer used or temporarily not needed.

  • Material
    Box: Nylon PA 6,6 30% GFR
  • Weight
    Approx. 30 g
  • Operating conditions
    Temperature -10..55 °C
  • Certifications
  • 1300.20.059
    Adapter 96x96 to 48x48
  • 1300.20.058
    Adapter 96x96 to 48x96
  • 1300.20.029
    Adapter 96x96 to 72x72
  • 1300.20.217
    Adapter 48x96 to 48x48
  • 1300.20.064
    Cover plate 48x48
  • 1300.20.065
    Cover plate 48x96
  • 1300.20.070
    Cover plate 96x96
  • 1300.20.066
    Cover plate 72x72
  • 1300.20.169
    Cover plate 32x74