DRR244 | DIN Rail PID Controller

PID Controller DRR244 stands out in the DIN-rail controller segment thanks to its comprehensive hardware and software features  resulting  in a single order code. 

The analog input is programmable for temperature sensors such as resistance thermometers and thermocouples, or for current/voltage process signals frequently used by pressure transmitters, humidity and flow sensors or  inverters.

The outputs are selectable as command , multiple alarm modes or analogue retransmission.

For applications within networks the serial port is RS485 with Modbus RTU/ Slave protocol.

The extended range power supply from 24 to 230V AC/DC with galvanic isolation makes it suitable even in case of oscillation in the power grid. 

In addition to its function as a hot-cold PID controller, DRR244 also finds application as a signal converter due to the availability of analog output galvanically isolated from the input, which can be used for retransmission of process value or setpoint .

Like the other models in the Blue Line series, DRR244 is programmable with MyPixsys App via NFC/RFID communication.

  • Dimensions
    71 x 90 x 64 mm - 4 modules DIN43880
  • Material
    Box: Polycarbonate V0; Front panel: self-extinguishing silicone rubber V0
  • Weight
    Approx. 210 g
  • Sealing
    Box and terminal blocks: IP20
  • Operating conditions
    Temperature 0..45 °C, humidity 35..95 RH%
  • Certifications


Power supply

224..230 V AC / DC ±15% 50/60 Hz - galvanic isolation 2,5KV

Power consumption

9 Watt/VA


White display 4 digits 0,5" + red 5 digits 0,3"

Analogue inputs

1 x Ris. 16bit, programmable for thermocouples K, S, R, J, T, N, B (automatic compensation of cold junction-25..85°C, ±0,2% F.S. ±1 digit F.S.), Thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K (β 3435K), process signals 0..10 V (50000 points), 0/4..20mA (40000 points), 0..60 mV (25000 points), potenziometer 1..150 KΩ (50000 points)

Sampling time

Programmable up to 2,1 ms (frequency up to 470 Hz)

TA Input

1x T.A. 50 mA, 800 μs - 4096 points

Digital inputs

2 x PNP

Digital outputs

2x 12 / 24 V DC - 30 mA max

Auxiliary outputs

12/24 VDC - 30mA max for sensor supply

Relais outputs

2x 5A - 250VAC resistive loads, 1x 2A - 250VAC resistive loads

Analogue outputs

1 Selection 4..20 mA (40000 points ± 0,2% F.S.) o 0..10 V DC (40000 points ± 0,2% F.S.) for command and retransmission PV / SPV

Serial communication

RS485 (1200..115200 Baud) galvanically isolated


1 x micro USB for programming via PC with LabSoftView

  • Control algorithms
    ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time-proportioned
  • Tuning
    Manual or automatic
  • Alarm mode
    Absolute/ threshold, band, upper/lower deviation, Alarms with optional manual reset and activation delay, Loop Break Alarm
  • Dual PID
    Heating / cooling with double PID
  • Soft-Start
    Rising gradient programmable as Degree / hour or fixed output %
  • Open/Close logics
    Motorised valves
  • Software parameter configuration
    Memory Card, software LABSOFTVIEW, codici EASY-UP - Programming via APP (NFC) "MyPixsys" for Android and iOS devices
  • Data protection
    Lock of control / alarm setpoint / Access to parameters by password
  • Communication protocols
    Modbus RTU
  • DRR244-13ABC-T
    4+5 digit 1AI-1AO-2DI-2DO-3RELAIS+RS485