Three-phase Modbus network analyser

Il 2000.35.032 è un Energy / Power Meter con 3 ingressi universali per il collegamento di diversi tipi di sensori di corrente, tra i quali 1 A / 5 A, Sonde di Rogowski, 0...333mV.

Tramite l'uscita RS485 Modbus sono disponibili: I rms, V rms, I pk, V pk per fase, potenza attiva ( W ), reattiva (VAR) e apparente (VA) per fase e totali. Frequenza, Fattore di Potenza, totale e per fase (Induttiva / Capacitiva), Energia ( kWh) totale e per fase, Energia bidirezionale (kWh), positiva e negativa per fase e totale Energia Attiva e Reattiva (kVARh), Induttiva/Capacitiva.

I dispositivi sono configurabile tramite la porta RS485 o dip-switch a bordo.

  • Dimensions
    46x 63x 26 mm (terminals excluded)
  • Material
    Grey PBT, epoxy resin filling
  • Weight
    Approx. 80 g
  • Sealing
    Box and terminal blocks: IP20
  • Operating conditions
    Temperature -15 +65 °C, humidity 10..90 uR%
  • Certifications



Power supply

10..40 V DC / 19..28 V AC

Power consumption

0,7 Watt/VA


Irms, Vrms, Watt, Var, Va, Vpk, Ipk, Frequency, Cosφ, Energy bidirectional, THD


Voltage, Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent power:< 0,5% F.S. Frequency: +/- 0,1 HZ. ENERGY: +/- 1% of reading. Vpeak, I peak: +/- 5% f.s.

Current range

5A..600A (corrente per fase), 500 V AC


1..70 Hz

Sampling rate

6400 Samples per Second @ 50 Hz
7280 Samples per Second @ 60 Hz

Input impedence

400 KΩ

Serial communication

RS485 (1200..115200 Baud)

  • Operating system
  • Control algorithms
    ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time proportional
  • Tuning
    Manual or automatic
  • Alarm mode
    Absolute / Threshold, Band, High / Low deviation. Alarm with optional Manual reset. Loop Break Alarm
  • Double P.I.D.
    Heating / Cooling P.I.D.
  • Soft-Start
    Rising gradient expressed as Degrees / Hour or fixed output percentage
  • Open / Close Logic
    for motorized valves
  • Software parameter configuration
    Memory Card, software LABSOFTVIEW, codici EASY-UP - Programming via APP (NFC) "MyPixsys" for Android and iOS devices
  • Data protection
    Lock of control / alarm setpoint / Access to parameters by password
  • Communication protocols
  • PLC Logic programming
  • Graphical interface programming
  • VPN
  • 2000.35.032