Movicon 11

Monitoring and control software for Win32/64/CE


  • <p>Movicon Software Pixsys srl </p>

All-in-one development environment for graphics and supervisory on Windows CE and Windows x86/x64. Inbuilt extensive library of symbols and graphical objects for powerful synoptics. Direct access to PLC variables through the Pixsys programming tool LogicLab and integration of other brand's PLC communication protocols. It is also possible to create custom logics using editable scripts in VBA lenguage, VB.Net and instructions list (AWL).

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<p>Control synoptic</p>

Control synoptic

<p>Synoptic with Trends </p>

Synoptic with Trends 

<p>Scalable trend graphs </p>

Alarm log 

<p>Alarm log </p>

Scalable trend graphs 


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