With eyelet aperture Ø 5


  • <p>Thermocouple tipe J with eyelet PIXSYS SRL </p>

The thermocouple is an electric circuit consisting of two metal conductors made of different materials welded at one end. Due to the Seedbeck effect, when there is a difference in temperature between the hot joint (welding point) and the cold joint at the other end of the conductors, an electromotive force is generated, which depends on the type of the two metals. To measure temperature with a thermocouple, the cold joint needs to be at a known temperature, so that the electomotive force generated depends solely on the hot joint.

The type J thermocouple consists of an iron positive conductor and constantan (copper-nickel) negative conductor. It is suitable for measuring medium temperatures in non-oxidising environments due to the iron components. The eyelet makes this version easy to mount to a specific reading point with screws.


Ordering codes

BLI-TCJ-OC/5x10-COPPER-1,5 TTS cable-IS-0,25

Main features

Sheath diameter
Washer ext. Ø 10mm / Hole Ø 5 mm
Contact material
Stagnated copper
Thermocouple J (Fe-CuNi / iron-constantan), Wire 0,25mm, grounded hot junction
TTS cable
Glass fiber, operating temperature -200 ... 500°C
Response time
4,5 seconds (BS 1904/1984/CEI60751)
Operating range
Easy-Up code

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet



<p>Size and installation of thermocouple tipe J Pixsys srl </p>

Size and installation