ETD1644 | I/O for Pixsys HMI with Soft PLC

ETD1644 is an I/O card with plug-in connection to Pixsys HMIs for acquisition and management of analogue/digital I/Os directly on the panel via RS485/Modbus RTU serial or CANopen bus.

The device is included in the Pixsys device catalogue within the LogicLab development tool for fast integration into projects.

The I/O availability includes 16 digital lines programmable as inputs and/or outputs, 4 universal analogue inputs and 4 analogue current/voltage outputs. It is also possible to acquire up to 4 mono/bidirectional encoders.

  • Dimensions
    87 x 93 x 35 mm
  • Material
    Chromed steel 10/10, Ral 7016
  • Weight
    Approx. 200 g
  • Sealing
    Box and terminal blocks: IP20
  • Operating conditions
    Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35..95 uR% (non-condensing)
  • Certifications
    CE, UL



Power supply

12..24 V DC ±15%

Power Consumption

100 Watt/VA

Analogue inputs

4x (Ris.. 16 bit) selectable for: TC tipo K,S,R,J,T,E,N,B (automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50 °C, ±0,2% F.S. ±1 Digit F.S.), thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K, (β 3435K), linear inputs 0..10 V (54000 points), 0/4..20mA (40000 points), 0..60 mV (16000 points),0..10V, 0..5V, input potentiometer 1..150 KΩ (50000 points)

Time acquisition

Programmable up to 2,1 ms (frequency up to a 470 Hz)

Digital inputs

up to 16 PNP - 12..24 V DC - overlapped to digital outputs


4 Enc./cont. 32 bit - max. 80KHz

Digital outputs

up to 16 PNP - overlapped to digital inputs - 700 mA max 3A Tot.

Analogue outputs

2x Selection 4..20 mA (40000 points ± 0,2% F.S.) o 0..10 V DC (40000 points ± 0,2% F.S.)

Serial communication

RS485 (1200..115200 Baud) galvanically isolated


CAN (50K..1Mbit) galvanically isolated

  • Communication protocols
    CAN Open Slave - Modbus Serial Master/Slave
  • ETD1644-AD
    16 DIO-4 AI-4 AO 12...24VDC