Evolving control and regulation for industrial kilns.

Smart Kit for management and control of kilns and furnaces. 

Evolving a long tradition made in Pixsys for regulation of thermal processes. KTD 710, the integrated and high-performing solution.

At the roots of company’s know-how: since the beginning of its activity in the early nineties, Pixsys specialized in control and regulation for industrial kilns and driers. A steady evolution led to development of KTD710: the new smart kit increasing performances and functionalities.


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For kilns designed to Industry 4.0!

Does your industrial kiln already comply with Industry 4.0 regulations? Pixsys KTD 710 brings together the most recent and innovative technologies applied in this area. The kit includes Pixsys HMI panel (7'' to 12'' at you choice), PID controller and digital I / O periphery. The solution is completed with fully parameterizable software that integrates all the typical functions of advanced thermal systems, ready to be integrated with company’s MES.

Add new features!

KTD 710 immediately makes available several useful features: webserver for remote control, energy monitoring, PDF and CSV reports.