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  • Pixsys and calex. a partnership for the best temperature detection

Pixsys and Calex. A partnership for the best temperature detection.

All Calex sensors find optimal synergy with Pixsys instrumentation for non-contact temperature measurement



About Non-contact infrared sensors.

IR temperature sensors often provide the easiest, safest and fastest way to measure temperature, especially if the surface is moving or inaccessible. The sensor detects the infrared radiation emitted by an area of the target surface even maintaining a certain distance.

Advances in electronic and detector technology have resulted in a variety of non-contact infrared thermometers (IR) for the most diverse industrial processes and materials, ranging from food processing to textile industry, from pharma to metalworking , all through corrugated cardboard manufacturing, plastics industry up to asphalt monitoring in road construction or even non-contact temperature monitoring in power distribution systems to prevent damage as well as potential fire or explosion risk. And talking about food safety and HACCP systems an interesting application segment is non-contact measurement to ensure uncontaminated and safe supplies or also to measure temperature of hot food products through glass containers after filling process.


Pixsys and Calex. The ideal solution for your measurements.

In partnership with British manufacturer Calex we offer a wide choice of infrared sensors that cover even most demanding applications, including intrinsically safe Infrared Sensors ATEX and IECEx Certified (just think about floor milling in food processing!), models equipped with Modbus o CAN bus for integration with supervisory systems, as well as choice of optics for small or large targets at short or long distances, protection accessories, special versions for high temperature environments and mounting brackets.

Needless to say, all Calex infrared sensors find optimal sinergy with Pixsys instrumentation for visualization, monitoring and control of temperature.