Over 100.000!

Outstanding result for the signal converters with NFC technology.

Only a few years ago Pixsys launched on the market the innovative signal converters with NFC-Technology. We were front-runners and among the first to believe in the potential of this programming mode: we won the bet, as confirmed by over 100.000 installations on machines and plants of our customers.


Play in advance.

For those working in the field of technological innovation, it is often crucial to know how to seize the moment and anticipate. So it was also for the NFC technology applied to signal converters: when this new perspective appeared on the market, Pixsys immediately realised its potential. Indeed, in a short time this range of products proved to be very effective and, and for this reason it is increasingly widespread.

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You can experience this unique programming mode and test the performances of Pixsys converters in your application and with your sensors. Click on the link below and fill in the form to get your free sample.


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Main features at a glance.

Why is the NFC product family so popular with our customers? Here are the key features of these devices:

  • Each product code is programmable for different types of sensors
  • Process variable can be monitored and historical trend can be visualized by App MyPixsys
  • Reliable and robust electronics
  • Available with same features both for DIN-B head-mounting or DIN-rail mounting (DIN43880)


Additional new versions coming soon.

The range is constantly expanding. Beside series with Atex approval for hazardous areas/ explosive atmospheres, we are adding model with HART protocol and the next step will be the IO-Link model, awaiting further future developments.