Pixsys & Dynisco.

Sinergy for top quality of plastic materials!

Plastic materials so pervasive  in our daily life are in themselves a wide and varied galaxy of composite materials, with thousands of polymers used in their production, each with specific mechanical properties, starting from the different basic substances, chemical or naturally derived, combined with additives to achieve the functional and aesthetic properties required for the object to be produced. A world of materials and production techniques that is subject to steady evolution and is increasingly confronted with requirements of sustainability, recycling, process efficiency.

For the measurement needs concerning specifically the extrusion and plastic molding processes, the American brand Dynisco has been a recognized reference point for decades, starting with laboratory instrumentation for analyzing the properties of polymers to guarantee final product quality.  But pressure sensing is certainly one of the technologies in which Dynisco has established itself as the industry leader for innovation, precision, quality and reliability. Pixsys is a Dynisco channel partner for the distribution of Melt pressure sensors (transducers and transmitters), designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the extrusion and polymer processing industry. These also include the recent mercury-free series with alternative NaK filling, which are the ideal choice, for example for applications targeting food-processing  and medical sectors or however sensitive to environmental awareness.

The Pixsys STR indicators with OLED display find perfect synergy for the visualization of Dynisco sensors. Transmitter power supply, alarm functions, retransmission of measured process value  and serial communication via ModbusRTU  are all integrated. Very useful is also an auto-configuration mode available for some of the Dynisco transmitters, designed to simplify the start-up phase. The STR series is also characterized by the user-friendly multilingual interface, with text menus that allow intuitive and quick navigation between the parameters and the display pages, as well as the possibility of programming via NFC via the MyPixsys App like all the latest Pixsys devices.


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