Water lifting with CNV580 and PDR inverter

Remote control for pumps.

Irrigation and water lifting systems are often located in isolated places which are not easily accessible by the staff. However, it is necessary to monitor the operating parameters of the related pumps.

A core element of the plant is the frequency inverter which activates the pump and consequently the water supply.

In such a context a possible application of the new Gateway CNV580 is the management of Pixsys PDR range of inverters.

Your whole plant in one app!

Thanks to integrated SIM card, the gateway sends the main data of the inverter to the Pixsys Cloud, without relying on the wired internet connections.

The App Pixsys Guard for Smartphone devices allows to collect information regarding the plants in the area and to access each single plant, thereby monitoring the inverter’s operating data, such as frequency, start/stop and alarms.

The gateway CNV580 is easy to install and requires simple and few wirings to control your plant, everywhere and at any time.