I/O module with plug-in connection to Pixsys HMI 


  • <p>Modulo di espansione Plug-in per HMI</p>
  • <p>Modulo di espansione Plug-in per HMI</p>
  • <p>Modulo di espansione Plug-in per HMI</p>
  • <p>Modulo di espansione Plug-in per HMI</p>

ETD1644 is an I/O expansion board with plug-in connection to Pixsys HMI, allowing acquisition and control of analogue/digital I/O on the HMI via RS485/Modbus RTU or high-speed bus CANopen. Device is included into Pixsys devices catalogue within development environment LogicLab for quick and straightforward integration into programs. 

I/O evailability includes 16 digital lines programmable as inputs and/or outputs, 4 universal analogue inputs and 4 analogue outputs mA/Volt.

It is also possible to acquire up to 4 encoders mono/bidirectional. 

User friendly, multimedia support and traceability

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Programming tutorial videos are available on our youtube channel.

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Ordering codes

Plug-in module 16 DI/DO - 4 AI - 4 AO - supply 12..24VDC

Main features

Chromed steel 10/10, Ral 7016
Power supply
12..24 V DC
Power Consumption
100 W MAX
Operating conditions
Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35..95 uR% (non condensing)
Approx. 200 g
Box: IP20
BUS Protocol
Modbus RTU slave RS485 (max. 115200 Baud) or CAN Open slave (max 1 Mbit/sec)
TD410 (max 1 module) TD710 - TD810 - TD820 (up to 2 modules)


4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue outputs. Selectable: TC typeK, J, S, R, T, E, N, B (30000 points), automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50°C, accuracy @25°C ±0,3% F.S.), Thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K (B 3435K) (50000 points), linear inputs 0/4..20mA (50000 points), 0..60mV (50000 points), 0..1V/0..5V/0..10V (50000 points), Input potentiometer 1..150 KOhm (configurable)
PNP, up to 16 selectable as inputs/outputs
Encoder acquisition
Up to 4 Encoders mono / bidirectional, overlapped to 12 PNP inputs(32bit, up to 80Khz, count mode x1 - x2 - x4)


Up to 16 selectable as static outputs 24VDC (up to 700mA per output or total 3A max)
4 configurable independent with galvanic isolation from analogue inputs. Selection 0..10V (16000 points) or 4..20 mA (15000 points)
Communication Bus
RS485, CAN Open

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

User manual ETD1644 - revF
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File modello/model .DXF
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