RFid (NFC) Signal Converter RTD / Thermocouples to 4..20mA - ATEX certified




The transmitters for  DIN/B head convert a signal acquired by temperature probes PT100, PT1000 or Ni100 (with 2-, 3- and 4-wire connections) or Thermocouples into a  4..20 mA signal  (2-wire technology), current-loop. These converters ensure high accuracy on the reading scale with 16-bit conversion and possibility to rescale the output 4..20mA basing on input range.

Available also the version with galvanical isolation (code 2000.35.031).

ATEX marking:

II 1 G Ex ia IIC T3 ...T6 Ga

II 1 D Ex ia  IIIC T86...200°C Da

I  M1 Ex ia I T150°C Ma 


Quick and simple programming

Programming relies on RFid /NFC connectivity;  a dedicated programmer allows to perform all settings and any calibration quickly without  need to power up/connect the converters. The RF-Programmer software (available from Download area of this website) allows to download, view on PC and print the temperature-time profiles.

An App for Android devices equipped with  NFC antenna is also available and makes it possible to program, modify and see data on the field.

Check the video-tutorials below for more details.

2.8K Word non volatile (circular buffer) memory are dedicated to a data-logging function with a sampling time that can be set by the user.


Thermocouple converter tutorial - English

Ordering codes

RTD (PT100/NI100/PT1000) > 4...20mA Loop Powered
RTD (PT100/NI100) + TC (K-S-R-J-T-N-B-E)> 4...20mA Loop Powered - isolated version
Programmer RF/RFID > USB

Main features

23 mm, Ø 45 mm
Power supply
Loop Power (2 wires connection) operating range 6-32 Vdc
Screw pins
On DIN/B head
Operating conditions
Temperature -40+85 °C, humidity 30..90 uR% (non condensing)
Nylon (PA66)
Approx. 30 g
IP 20
According to
CE, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-2, UL 61010-1
Wireless with RFid technology (NFC)

Technical data

Output resolution
1 μA
Over-range output
f.s. + 5°C
Under-range output
f.s. - 5°C
Error output
Selectable between 21,5mA or 3,8mA
Current output protection
Approx. 30 mA
50-60 Hz
Max. transmission error
Greater between 0,1% f.s. or 0,2°C
Sampling/response time
300msec / 600 msec
Cable resistance
Max 20Ω
Temperature coefficient
< 100 ppm


<p>Size and installation of signal converter Pixsys srl </p>

Size and installation