Multizone monitoring and recording system - iModView 

Monitoring software 30/60 zones


iModViewCE software has been developed to monitor and control Pixsys controllers via RS485 interface and is only available pre-installed on HMI WinCE model TD710-AD.
Via ModbusRTU connection it is possible to monitor up to 30 zones.
The software also allows to instantly set the same setpoint value for all zones or to control the setpoint value of the selected individual zone .
A specific function enables recording of process and setpoint values in a .csv file and export via USB key or Ethernet connection. It is possible to see the process and setpoint trend for each individual zone also as graph.
The software can display  texts in 5 languages (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish).
The HMI panel TD710 and the controllers communicate via Modbust Rtu protocol on RS485 serial with BaudRate 19200 bit/s (Pixsys default setting) and format 8,N,1.

<p>Page main synoptic ( 30 areas TD710 )</p>

Page main synoptic (30 areas TD710) 

<p>Page main synoptic ( 60 areas TD900 )</p>

Page main synoptic (60 areas TD900)

Ordering codes

Runtime iModViewCE30 zone (TD710-AD)
Runtime iModviewX86 60 zone (TD900-A)

Software features

Single trend for each zone with historical of 5 last hours
Possibility of change single setpoint or global setpoint
Alarm active for each zone, historical alarms (100 records).
Export file
By USB key or by Ethernet connection.
Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.