Graphic Datalogger  on HMI 4.3"  


Recording 1...8 analogue signals


iTrendView is a monitoring and recording kit which can record and store data for 1.....8 analogue signals from different sensor types (PT100, thermocuples, NTC, PTC, linear signals 4..20mA/0..10V from pressure/humidity /level transmitters). System allows to visualize for each sensor instant values as well as graph for last 10 minutes, beside notifying anomalies/errors (damaged or disconnected sensor, data acquistion module off-line...) .
Recording function allows to store trend of processes on  .CSV file with programmable sampling time and to export them by USB dongle or via FTP if Ethernet connection available. Interface is available in Italian and English. 
Data acquistion is performed by one or two modules MCM260X-5AD connected to Touchpanel  TD410-AD via RS485 and ModbusRTU protocol. Software is pre-installed on Touchpanel, installation and start-up requires only to power-up the kit (24V DC)  and connect the acquistion modules to the panel with shielded cable.

<p>Vista sinottico principale</p>

Main synoptic

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Graph for single zone 

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iTrendView includes:
Touchscreen HMI 4.3", USB and Ethernet port for data export
Data acquisition module (up to 4 signals for each module)
Datalogging software iTrendView (pre.installed on TD410-AD)

Main data

Power supply
24V DC
Supported analogue signals
TC type K,S,R,J,T,E,N,B, thermoresistances PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K, NTC10K, (β 3435K), linear signals 0..10 V, 0/4..20 mA, 0..60 mV, potentiometer 1..150 KΩ
Number of zones/signals
Up to 4 signals for one module MCM260X-5AD, up to 8 with 2 modules MCM260X-5AD)
visualization of alarms for damaged sensor, data acquisition module off-line /out of range
Min. sampling time 1 sec. Recording on internal memory as .CSV , max 1'000'000 lines
data export
Export of .CSV file on USB dongle or by Ethernet cable via FTP (USB and Ethernet ports on the rear panel)
Italian, English
Remote desktop
Remote access to panel by VNC software (with HMI panel connected to same local network)


<p>Alimentazione e collegamento TD410 con MCM260</p>