Placing a purchase order, the Customer implicitly agrees with the Terms of sale listed below and accepts them in full.

  1. ORDERS shall not be binding for Pixsys until the relevant written order confirmation is issued.
  2. PRICES, to be expressed in EUR unless otherwise specified, shall be those of our pricelist in force at the time of order receipt. Prices of customised models or special configurations will be given in the order confirmation, as well as eventual discount options.
    Validity of special quotations is usually 30 days and the relevant number must be quoted in the purchase order.
  3. List prices are meant EXW-Mellaredo (our factory), inclusive standard packaging, exclusive of VAT, transport and all other taxes, duties, licenses, export and import duties and other governmental charges which may be imposed on the delivery or carriage of the goods abroad. Transport will be quoted upon request and eventually charged on invoice.
  4. Goods always travel at Buyer's risk and responsibility after leaving our factory. Insurance coverage must be eventually required and beared by the Customer. Claims for shortages, non-conformity or damages during transport will not be accepted unless notified within 3 days of delivery.
  5. Payment, unless otherwise specified, shall take place in advance against Proforma invoice. Bank charges arising from foreign/ intermediary banks will not be accepted. Payment by credit cards is currently not yet available.
  6. Delivery date is meant as day of dispatch to forwarder or pick-up at our factory. Pixsys will do its best efforts to meet the delivery date set out in the order confirmation and shall promptly notify any reasonable delay, which will anyway not entitle order cancellation or claim for damages.
  7. Proprietary rights shall be reserved by Pixsys with respects to all goods delivered until receipt in full of the relative payment due.
  8. Installation and maintenance on site is not included in our technical after-sales support.
  9. These terms are governed exclusively by Italian law. Eventual disputes will be submitted to jurisdiction of court in Padova and in Italian language.
  10. These general Terms of sale include also the Warranty Terms and RMA system below.




Pixsys srl warrants its electronic devices for 12 months from Invoice date. Pixsys liability shall be limited to repairing (or replacing at its option) any defective product which is returned with RMA (Return Material Authorization) priorly obtained from Pixsys and to be clearly marked on documents. Pixsys srl warrants devices reparations for 3 months from Invoice date. Pixsys shall not be responsible for accident, neglect, misuse, damage to objects or people caused using the devices outside their specifications or outside any published performance data, including unauthorized and unqualified repairing or failure to provide proper environmental conditions. In no event shall Pixsys liability exceed the purchase price of the product(s).

RMA (Return Material Authorization)

RMA means Return Material Authorization and the purpose is a clear and effective handling of the products which the Customer would like to send us back for any reason.


When do I need to ask for an RMA?

    Technical service for repairing of instruments or complementary fittings
    Hardware and software changes, upgrade, any technical improvement
    Return of faulty units for replacement or credit note
    Shipment of goods received from our Warehouse and not in compliance with the order. This can be caused by a shipment error and to this event belongs also the RECESS right, the customer can request credit note for the purchased materials within one week from the receipt of the goods.




  • Send your request filling in the present form and wait for our communication of RMA by fax or e-mail prior to any shipping

  • The RMA number obtained from Pixsys must be clearly marked and visible on external side of package
  • Ship the goods prepaid to our address as listed at top of this form.
    Packages without RMA and/or not prepaid will not be collected.
  • Our technical service will complete test and repairing of defected components as soon as possible.
  • In case that the shipped devices should result free of defects and in good operating conditions, a minimum NET amount of EUR 25,00 will be charged.
  • Goods will be returned at customer's expenses, unless otherwise specified.
  • Repairing cost will be notified in advance only if it exceeds EUR 50,00.