New EPL301: a modular standard!

Synthesis between requirements for mass production and demand for custom solutions from customers: this is how we conceived the new PLC board

Two versions: AC (power supply 110/220 Vac and relay outputs) or DC (power supply 12 / 24Vdc and static outputs 24Vdc / 2W).


To the basic configuration, power supply and power elements, various digital / analogue slots can be added for the reading of logic or analogue inputs (process sensors) and control solutions for inverters or drives (analogue and / or pulse train outputs).


The availability of a specific slot for CPU and connectivity also ensures the scalability of computing performance and simplifies future hardware and software upgrades.


LogicLab development tool is same as for the other Pixsys PLC series and therefore allows access to routines and libraries  in the tool, also taking benefit of the contributions generated by the growing community of designers and system integrators active on the Pixsys Forum