PID Controller 48x96 mm ATR401

Control and alarm functions, double analogue input, multi-voltage power supply, analogue output, RS485 serial.

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Controller 48x96mm(1/8 DIN), Single/Double Control loop, characterised by high configurability of the inputs and outputs.

The two analogue inputs can be configured for a vast range of sensors with the option of controlling two distinct processes or managing mathematical operations (sum, difference, average) between the two processes. Power supply range from 24 to 230V AC/DC. Outputs can be selected as control, alarm, analogue retransmission. Useful power supply range from 24 to 230V AC/DC with galvanic isolation from the network, galvanic isolation between inputs and outputs and isolated serial RS485.

The PID hot-cold control algorithm can also be used on systems with cascading control (remote setpoint) through image input.

The functions of the ATR401 software include open-close logic for valve control, Soft-Start function with control of the climb gradient (degrees/hour), TA input with maximum current threshold alarm, external activation from digital input of programmable functions.

User friendly, multimedia support and traceability

For the entire range of Pixsys products we provide technical support for installation, programming and operation via our online forumand via Skype.

The interface of the controller ATR401ensures that the product is easy to use and that the user is also supported by auxiliaries for programming such as MEMORY-CARD or the LABSOFTVIEW programming software

Programming tutorial videos are available on our youtube channel.

As for the entire range of PIXSYS products, thanks to the QR code the traceability of the product is guaranteed for its entire life cycle; the information and documentation online can be also be accessed by reading the QR CODE that directs your mobile device to the product's technical specifications and verifies its warranty conditions.

PID controller tutorial - English

Ordering codes

2 Analogue inputs + 2 Relays + 1 Digital PNP, Supp. 24...230 V AC/DC
2 Analogue inputs + 3 Relays + 1 Digital PNP, Supp. 24...230 V AC/DC
2 Analogue inputs + 4 Relays + 1 Digital PNP, Supp. 24...230 V AC/DC
2 Analogue inputs + 2 Relays + 1 Digital PNP Output V/mA + RS485, Supp. 24...230 V AC/DC1
2 Analogue inputs + 2 Relays + 1 Digital PNP + 1 Output V/mA + 1 Digital input , Supp. 24...230 V AC/DC

Main features

48x96 (front panel) x 123 mm
Power supply
24...230V AC/DC ±15% 50/60 Hz (with Jumper 24 - 110...230Vac), galvanical isolation 2500V
5,5 VA
4 digits 0,4 " green + 4 digits 0,3 " red
Operating conditions
Temperature 0-45 °C, humidity 35..95 RU% (non condensing)
Box: Noryl UL94V1 self-extinguishing, front panel: Silicon rubber V0
Approx. 350 g
Front panel: IP54 (IP65 with gasket), Box and Terminal bloks: IP20
Quick set-up options
Memory Card with /without battery, software LABSOFTVIEW, EASY-UP codes


2 Analog
Res. 16 bit, selectable for TC type K, S, R, J, (automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50 °C, ± 0,2% F.S. ± 1 Digit F.S.), thermoresistance PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, PTC1K. NTC10K, (ß 3435K), process signals 0..10V(54000 points), 0/4..20mA (40000points), 0..40mV (16000 points), potentiometer 6KΩ, 150 KΩ (50000 points)
Sampling time
4,1 ms (Frequency from 4,12 Hz to 242 Hz)
1 Digital
PNP, 1...4 setpoints selection, Hold, Run, Tuning launch, automatic / manual selection, pre programmed cycle start, heating / cooling regulation, local / remote setpoint switch
1 current transformer
T.A. 50 mA (acqusition time 100 ms - overlapped to AI2 )


2...4 Relays
Relay 8 A - 250 Vac resistive charge
1 Digital
PNP 24 VDC - 25 mA max
1 Analog
Selection 4...20 mA or 0...10 VDC for command or retransmission PV/SPV
Serial communication
RS485 Modbus RTU - Slave (code-T)

Software features

Control algorithms
ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time proportioned
Manual or automatic
Data protection
Lock of control / alarm setpoint, Access to parameters by password
Alarm modes
Absolute / Threshold, band, High / Low deviation. Alarm with optional manual reset. Loop Break Alarm function
Remote setpoint
Comman setpoint corresponding to AI2 (4...20 mA / 0...10 V)
Double P.I.D.
Heating / Cooling P.I.D.
Double input mode
AI1 and AI2 inputs correlation as mean, difference or addition of process values
Rising gradient expressed as Degrees / Hour
Open / Close logic
Open / Close logic for motorized valves
up to 4 setpoints

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

Manuale - User Manual ATR401
English - Italiano
Manual ATR401 2300.10.160-Rev.A
Video ATR401 - Differenza PV
Video Youtube


<p>size and installation of thermoregulator atr401 Pixsys srl </p>

Size and installation 

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Wiring plan