Graphic terminal / Process controller 20 cycles/30 step


LCD 251x146mm, Multi-loop graphic terminal Integrated by a variable number of Pixsys PL300 Acquisition/Actuation Modules, it constitutes a complete and flexible control system for managing thermal processes in industrial kilns, dryers and environmental control chambers.

Up to 5 PL300 modules allow control of up to 20 processes, which can be linked to 2 setpoints that can be configured for temperature/pressure/humidity/oxygen percentage levels. Specific software features for gas ovens are also available, including motorised valve management. Double hot/cold PID mode to control environmental control chambers. Wait (system inertia compensation) and Cycle Recovery (following a power cut off) functions. Analogue retransmission of process/setpoint values. Graphic display of cycle trends and internal recorder to monitor up to 6 traces. Events list with date/time.

Serial communication RS485/RS232/RS422, MODBUS protocol Optional software app DataLogger313 to display cycle trends or for the download/upload of parameters and cycle data on/from Terminal and firmware updates (possible also by Memory Card) on a PC.

Ordering codes

Graphic terminal, LCD display, alphanumeric keyboard
Acquisition modules
See PL300
Memory card Series TD240 - TD320 - ATR313

Main features

251x146 (front panel) x 66 mm
Power supply
12...24Vac/Vcc ±10% 50/60 Hz
Graphic LCD 240x128, monochrome, Reverse option, programmable contrast and backlighting operation
Operating conditions
Temperature 0-45 °C, Humidity 35..95RU% (non condensing)
Box: chromed steel; front frame: ABS; Keyboard: polycarbonate
Approx. 1350 gr
IP65 (Front panel) , IP20 (Box and Terminal bloks)
Memory Card
Upload/download parameters and cycles, Firmware upgrade


Analogue-digital inputs
See PL300


Analogue/digital outputs
See PL300
Serial communication
RS485 Modbus RTU - Master, RS232, RS422

Software features

Control algorithms
ON - OFF with hysteresis, P., P.I., P.I.D., P.D. time proportioned
Data protection
Access to parameter by password, special password to define operator access levels
Alarm options
Absolute / Threshold, band, High / Low deviation, auxialiry functions programmable for each step, programmable type of action on the running cycle, text of alarm messages may be entered by keyboard, alarm source selectable by the user
Waiting function
Special function to compensate differences SPV / PV in case of overloaded system
Cycle recovery function
Resume the cycle after unexpected power failure
Functions for gas-fired kilns
Management of modulanting valves by additional PL250
Visualization options
Selection of visualized process values, Selection of menus related to function keys, selectable language, optional customer logo loaded at starting

User Manual - Video - Application Notes - Datasheet

Manuale ATR313 2300.10.029-Rev.O
Manual ATR313 2300.10.061-Rev.O


<p>View of size and installation of GRAPHIC TERMINAL atr313 </p>

Size and installation